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The Government Says Good-Bye to Older Refrigerant Systems

The Government Says Good-Bye to Older Refrigerant Systems

Beginning in 2010 the US Government has put legislation in place that disallows the sale of many refrigerant products that are used by older air conditioning systems.  Although there is nothing in the legal jargon that requires consumers to upgrade their old equipment, many heating and cooling companies are suggesting that these old devices be replaced by newer ones because refrigerant won’t be available for replacement.  Irwin Arieff from the New York Times explains the need for the legislation:

For years, the refrigerant of choice has been R-22, also known as HCFC-22 (short for hydrochlorofluorocarbon) or Freon 22, a brand name.

But R-22, when released into the atmosphere, eats away at the ozone layer, which shields the earth from hazardous ultraviolet radiation. In 1990, the federal Clean Air Act was amended to prohibit putting newly made R-22 into equipment made after Dec. 31, 2009.

The main replacement for R-22 in residential cooling is a hydrofluorocarbon called HFC-410A. Sold under names like Puron, Genetron AZ-20 and Suva, it was recognized by the E.P.A. as an R-22 substitute in 1996.

However, he also states that:

The government wants consumers to know that they are not obliged to buy any new equipment and has taken steps to try to ensure that there will be enough R-22, either newly made or recycled, to maintain existing equipment throughout its lifetime, Mr. Banks said. “People can continue to use their existing units, and continue to service them,” he said.

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Geo-thermal Heat Pumps are the new Heat Pump

Geo-thermal Heat Pumps are the new Heat Pump

With heating and cooling costs reaching new highs, many people are looking to the Earth for answers.  New geo-thermal heat pumps can so dramatically lower heating and cooling costs that many people are pulling out their old equipment for the next generation.  Liz Galst of the New York Times says:

The business for ground-source heat pumps is so hot that when some people driving in and around Seattle see Gerard Maloney’s EarthHeat van, with the company’s phone number on the side, they call from their cellphones. “Really, we have people doing this,” Mr. Maloney said.

Like other energy alternatives, ground-source heat pumps have won new admirers as energy costs have skyrocketed.

The pumps, also called geothermal heat pumps, use the relatively constant temperature just below the earth’s surface — six feet below, in many cases — to draw warm air into a building in winter and remove warm air in summer. Advocates say the systems can save building owners 25 percent to 65 percent on energy costs while reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

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New Heat Pumps are “Going Green”

New Heat Pumps are “Going Green”

With the cost of energy rising, many home and business owners are looking at going green not only to help the environment, but to help themselves.  Although the technology isn’t new, geothermal heat pumps are becoming far more attractive to thrifty Americans who want to “borrow” a little help from nature.  C. J. Hughes of the New York Times says:

Burrowing is exactly what geothermal heat pumps do to reduce temperatures. They work because the ground hundreds of feet down remains a fairly constant 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Absorbing heat into water, they whisk it downward, disperse it and then resend it, newly chilled, back to the surface.

The technology has existed since World War II; newly eco-conscious developers are taking advantage of its greenness. In cooling a room, it uses about half the electricity of the typical air-conditioner and produces fewer carbon emissions.

The pumps can be four times more expensive to install than traditional heating and cooling systems, partly because thick bedrock and narrow lots complicate drilling the deep wells they need. But they can pay for themselves in a decade, according to developers, engineers and industry leaders.

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Does Temperature Affect Productivity?

Does Temperature Affect Productivity?

Recent studies have shown that the temperature of an office building can actually cause dramatic increases or decreases in employee productivity.  In fact, research shows that a cold building may actually cause employee productivity to plummet. In a recent question and answer post, Phyllis Korkii recently noted that:

Employees who are cold tend to work less efficiently, according to research by Professor Hedge. He measured computer keystrokes performed by office workers, at their actual workstations, in temperatures ranging from 68 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. “At 85, they’re typing twice as much in a minute as they are at 68,” he said. The colder workers also made a greater percentage of mistakes, he said.Temperatures in most buildings are usually set between 70 and 74 degrees, depending on the time of year, he said. But his studies have shown that a temperature between 72 and 79 is optimal for worker productivity and comfort, assuming a reasonably flexible dress code. (Above 79, some workers may start to wilt.)

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Knoxville HVAC Service and Repair

Knoxville HVAC Service and Repair

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