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We can help you with any Knoxville A/C problem as well as diagnose your entire house to determine the best solutions to you and your family with the best and most efficient system possible.

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With technology advances today, air conditioners are much quieter, more reliable, and more efficient then units a decade ago.  A new air conditioner will allow you to stay cooler and create dryer indoor conditions more efficiently than ever before.

How your Air Conditioner Works
Your air conditioner works by both heating and cooling the air.  In addition, an air conditioner controls the levels of moisture in the air while the air is cleaned.  This is possible because your air conditioner removes heat from the air inside your house and transfer it to the outside.  A coil on the inside of your house filled with refrigerant absorbs heat which is then pumped through the system of piping to an outside coil.  A fan on your outside unit then blows air over the hot coil to transfer the heat from the refrigerant to the air outside.

Regular Maintenance
With any system, if it is not maintained over time, it will begin to break down.  Because it is far more expensive to replace a unit than to maintain it, regular maintenance will ensure that your unit continues to redirect heat from inside your house to the outside efficiently.  Although there are some maintenance jobs that you can do yourself to maintain the efficiency and durability of your system, some jobs require a professional technician.  We provide regular maintenance schedules in which a trained technician reviews, cleans, and repairs your system to ensure that it is running at optimum efficiency.

As with almost anything, when your air conditioning unit does break down, it will most likely not be at a convenient time.  This is why we provide technicians that are available every day of the week.  We know how frustrating and exhausting it can be to live in a hot house or office.  Our technicians have the experience they need to be able to either fix the problems with you air conditioner on the spot, or to order the required replacement parts to get your up and running as quickly as possible.  So, whenever your system experiences problems, call us immediately so we can help.

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