Treasure Hunt for Energy Leaks

Treasure Hunt for Energy Leaks

Energy consumption is a huge issue for both big and small business.  For several years GE has implemented “treasure hunts” in which they hunt down all the things that could possibly be creating higher energy costs.  Heating and air conditioning would be an obvious target for cost reduction when properly maintained, but that is not all that GE is looking into.  Environmental Leader says that:

GE is collaborating with the Environmental Defense Fund  (EDF) to bring the company’s internal Treasure Hunt program, aimed at reducing energy waste, to cities, universities, businesses, and other organizations. The program has helped GE reduce its own energy use by making improvements to all sources of energy waste including electricity, natural gas, water, wastewater, compressed air and steam.

So far, GE has conducted 200 internal treasure hunts, which has helped the company save more than $130 million annually. The company says it conducts regular treasure hunt sessions to identify energy-efficiency savings at a specific manufacturing site, which typically yields opportunities to reduce energy by 20 percent.

Gives us a call to see how we can help you with your own Knoxville HVAC “treasure hunt”.

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